Short Sales in Atlanta

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The distressed property market in Atlanta offers a profusion of upscale residences that are now available at a fraction of their original cost. The two most well known categories are foreclosures and short sales, both of which offer a range of properties that have been heavily discounted. For many prospective buyers however, short sales in Atlanta are excellent alternatives to foreclosures as they might allow for greater control of potential risks.

While foreclosures do tend to have the lowest prices on the market, many buyers are also attracted to short sale pricing. In Atlanta, short sales do typically take much more time to close than a foreclosure does. Because of this, many agents avoid showing short sales to their clients whenever possible. This means that there is a tremendous opportunity for buyers with experienced agents to purchase short sales without the properties being overly competitive. As banks continue to slow down the foreclosure process, short sales in Atlanta are becoming much more common.

Short Sales in Atlanta GA

However, the process of purchasing short sales in Atlanta is much more time consuming than a foreclosure and revolves around the approval of the lending institution. Working with a distressed property specialist will build confidence and ensure that every important step is completed – ultimately resulting in a successful short sale that will add incredible value to your life both personally and financially.

If you are interested in Atlanta or Lawrenceville foreclosures but would like to know what short sales in Atlanta have to offer, connect with Michael Brock today.