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If you are in the Atlanta metro region searching for a short sale, Dallas GA may hold your answer. This type of real estate is the leading solution for homeowners looking to avoid losing their home to the bank as well as buyers seeking discounted properties that offer less risk than a foreclosure. Michael Brock is the leading real estate agent serving the greater Atlanta distressed real estate market and is your best chance to successfully complete a short sale.

Whether you are a distressed homeowner or a motivated buyer of a short sale, Dallas offers numerous chances for success throughout comparable communities. The interest level is high, so there is no shortage of qualified buyers; the difficulty is convincing the lender to allow for the process to start in the first place, as well as build a strong enough case to receive final approval. The involvement of a professional distressed property expert is of the essence, as lenders will have greater faith in a short sale that is being handled by someone who understands all of the necessary steps and requirements.

Short Sale Dallas GA

A short sale in Dallas is indeed one of the best ways to avoid foreclosure. Not only does it fulfill the mortgage obligations for homeowners and help them avoid ruining their credit and financial status, but also lenders are able to transfer title to a new owner. And of course buyers are able to enjoy unheard of discounts. If foreclosure is on your mind, a short sale should not be far behind. The process might seem overwhelming, but a short sale specialist will make it a fairly simple process.

To find out more about enacting a short sale in Dallas GA, Marietta foreclosures and all distressed properties in greater Atlanta, connect with Michael Brock today.