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A short sale is arguably one of the most complex real estate transactions to undertake – responsibilities include an excess of paperwork and managing the expectations of the lender on top of securing a qualified buyer. Overlooking any step or detail can severely influence the outcome of the transaction and in most cases derail it completely. An experienced real estate agent that is well versed in distressed properties is indeed a necessity for successfully handling short sales in Atlanta.

Buyers looking for short sales in Atlanta will discover many attractive properties ranging from spacious single-family homes to convenient townhomes and multi-million dollar estates. These homes have been reduced to less than the outstanding mortgage that the current homeowner is no longer able to pay. Lenders are attracted to the short sale prices because it allows them to avoid the high cost and bad public relations of a foreclosure. However, lenders will be extra careful about vetting buyers and it will be essential to build the strongest case possible. It is extremely difficult to accomplish a short sale without an experienced agent like Michael Brock.

Short Sales Atlanta GA

If you are in danger of foreclosure, a professional representative may be your only recourse. Most lenders will not even consider a short sale unless a Realtor® is involved – there is an intricate and tricky process of due diligence that is required, and counting on an inexperienced buyer to complete them all is a gamble that banks are not willing to take. An agent that has performed numerous short sales in Atlanta will be able to shoulder all of the responsibilities and make sure that the process always remains on track.

To find out more about short sales in Atlanta, distressed properties in the highly desirable market of foreclosures in Marietta and much more, contact Michael Brock today.