Dallas Short Sale

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Are you interested in a Dallas short sale? This category of real estate has become well recognizable to buyers and investors looking at the distressed property market. The final solution for a majority of homeowners in danger of foreclosure, a short sale aims to sell the property for less than the outstanding mortgage. When successful, it can benefit all parties, from buyers looking for discounts to lenders that do not want the burden of managing property to distressed homeowners in danger of severely affecting their credit and financial reputation.

Buyers interested in a short sale should be aware that the process of purchasing one is much more involved than that of Dallas or Marietta foreclosures; there are strict rules set forth by the bank, and many time-sensitive steps that must be completed. Even if you are a qualified buyer making a bid, the final approval for sale comes from the lender so it is important to have a professional representative that can sustain a communicative, effective and healthy relationship with all involved parties.

Dallas GA Short Sale

If you are in danger of foreclosure, find out if your bank will be willing to partner with you to try a Dallas short sale. But since this process is highly specialized, most lenders prefer to work with a professional that understands all the requirements beforehand and will complete all paperwork and pre-requisites flawlessly and on time. Remember to speak with a Realtor® immediately to see if a short sale is the right strategy for you.

For more information about what a Dallas short sale can do for you, connect with Michael Brock today.