Life News News on Life continually updated from thousands of sources around the net. en-us 240 Copyright 2017, Topix Topix // December sales were dented as shoppers spent more on Black Friday the previous month A dire Christmas on the high street was laid bare on Friday, with official figures showing the worst December sales performance since 2010. Retail sales fell 1.5% month on month, according to the Office for National Statistics, a much heavier decline than economists had forecast.

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The work that won't get done during a government shutdown In this photo March 22, 2013, file photo, the exterior of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington. There's plenty that won't get done if thousands of federal employees are barred from working until dysfunctional Washington agrees on a plan to restore funding.

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The Royal Oak in Paley Street was the venue of choice for the two leaders Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron stopped at a Michelin star pub co-owned by Sir Michael Parkinson and his son for a working lunch ahead of the start of the UK-France summit. The Royal Oak in Paley Street, a gastro-pub in Mrs May's Maidenhead constituency which boasts "non-intrusive service" and "British food cooked to perfection", was the venue of choice for the leaders.

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4 Tips for Cutting Your Home Energy Bills Even in Winter Which is exactly how the new year unfortunately began thanks to a "bomb cyclone" that hammered much of the East Coast with heavy snow, howling winds, and temperatures so frigid that Niagara Falls on the Canadian border actually froze. Meanwhile, Embarrass, Minnesota - yes, that's really the town's name - was busy winning the unofficial title of "The Last Place in the Freezing Midwest You'd Want to Go Skinny Dipping," by hitting a low of 45 degrees below zero on New Year's Eve.

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Asda and Aldi join high-caffeine energy drinks ban Earlier this month Waitrose said customers buying drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre would be asked to prove they are over 16 years of age Asda is the first of the "big four" supermarkets to announce an age restriction, which will apply to 84 products from March 5. From this date customers wishing to buy these products, either in store or online, will need to be willing to show appropriate ID.

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HIV positive man - elated' at opportunity to become commercial pilot An HIV positive man is "elated" he will be able to pursue his dream of training as a commercial pilot after aviation chiefs changed the rules. The man, from Glasgow, had not been able to take up a training place with easyJet because his HIV status prevented him from obtaining the required medical certificate.

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Gluten free foods contain more fat, salt and sugar than regular products - " study Gluten free foods contain more fat, salt and sugar than their gluten-containing equivalents, and are generally more than twice has expensive, a study has found. Researchers at the University of Hertfordshire said it was clear that gluten free products offer no nutritional advantage to regular foods and are not a healthier alternative, which may surprise many consumers.

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Colleagues also paid tribute to Pc Dave Fields A police officer who died in car crash as he responded to an incident on Christmas Day was "an amazing husband, father and friend who was loved by everyone who knew him", his family has said. The tribute was issued through South Yorkshire Police as hundreds of people prepared for the funeral of Pc Dave Fields in Sheffield.

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Daniel Kaluuya says Get Out is like a pressure cooker The 28-year-old actor stars as Chris in the acclaimed2017 psychological thriller and he admitted he related to the feelings and events his onscreen character goes through, and understood why Chris becomes enraged at the end of the movie. Speaking to the Metro newspaper, Kaluuya said: "Having to navigate standing up for yourself, your emotion gets reduced to aggression.

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Trump to Pennsylvania, but don't call it a campaign trip President Donald Trump is tiptoeing around the first congressional election of the new year as he heads to southwestern Pennsylvania on Thursday to hail the Republican tax cuts he signed last year. Trump will appear with the Republican nominee for a Pittsburgh-area House seat.

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Minnesota man charged with killing teen in clash over crash Prosecutors have charged a Minnesota man with fatally shooting a 17-year-old boy in a confrontation over a traffic accident. Twenty-five-year-old Alexander Weiss of Rochester was charged Wednesday with second-degree murder.

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Macedonia president to veto Albanian language bill Macedonia's president says he will veto a law making Albanian the country's second official language, describing the legislation as unnecessary and unconstitutional. President Gjorge Ivanov said the law would introduce a "very expensive redundancy" in state institutions, "instead of building a multiethnic society through a spirit of dialogue and coexistence."

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President Trump to give Bob Dole Congressional Gold Medal The Kansas Republican, a decorated World War II veteran and his party's 1996 presidential candidate, will receive Congress' highest honor during a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday. President Donald Trump plans to attend.

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Start the presses: Newcomers to Italy make olive oil We are rich in a new way: More than 70 liters of dark green, corpulent and peppery olive oil has been produced, and is ready to pour onto salads, bread, pasta, fish. During the summer, my wife and I were gloomy.

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Glitter balls, a dog bed and a Union Jack from a spacesuit among Queen's gifts Glitter balls for the royal Christmas tree, a purple fleece dog bed and the Union Flag from Major Tim Peake's spacesuit were among the gifts given to the Queen last year. Annually released records of official presents received by the royal family in 2017 showed that the monarch was also given an ostrich egg decorated with Maasai beadwork as a 91st birthday present from the Kenyan president.

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Your guide to healthier soul food this year Transamerica Center for Health Studies , in collaboration with the Association of Black Women Physicians , prepared the Healthier Traditions Cookbook: Soul Food with more healthy and nutritious alternatives to traditional recipes. Start the year off right with this guide to cooking and eating well at home.

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Government watchdog: Illinois fudged jobs data to get federal OK to... A government accountability group says the state of Illinois is fudging employment data in order to allow more healthy Illinoisans to receive taxpayer-funded food stamps without having to work. The U.S. Department of Agriculture approved an Illinois Department of Human Services waiver request in October for the entire 2018 calendar year.

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