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1US Senate

Can America Ever Come Together Again?

If ex-CIA Director John Brennan did to Andrew Jackson what he did to Donald Trump, he would have lost a lot more than his security clearance. Why should the president not strip from a CIA director who calls him a traitor the honor and privilege of a security clearance? Or is a top-secret clearance an entitlement like Social Security? CIA directors retain clearances because they are seen as national assets, individuals whose unique experience, knowledge and judgment may be called upon to assist a president in a national crisis.


2Lindsey Graham

Senate confirms more Trump judges

President Donald Trump has put more judges on the circuit courts this far into his first two years than other administrations had, thanks to Senate Republicans. The Senate on Thursday confirmed two more of Trump's nominees, bringing to 26 the number of new appellate judges that have been approved this session of Congress.


3Immigration Reform

They were on their way to the hospital to have a baby when ICE took him away

Joel Arrona-Lara, a 36-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico, faces deportation after ICE agents detained him Wednesday while he drove his pregnant wife, Mario del Carmen Venegas, to a San Bernardino, Calif. hospital.


4US News

Trump suspects he'll revoke Ohr's clearance 'very quickly'

President Donald Trump said Friday that he suspects he'll "very quickly" revoke the security clearance for a Justice Department official whose wife worked for the firm involved in producing a dossier on Trump's ties to Russia. Signaling that his efforts to target clearances over his frustration with the Russia investigation were not over, Trump tweeted that it was a "disgrace" for Bruce Ohr to be in the Justice Department.


5Brownsville, TX

Schools grapple with obligations to migrants in shelters

When San Benito , Texas, school leaders learned of an influx of children to a migrant shelter in their small town near the U.S.-Mexico border, they felt obliged to help. The superintendent reached out and agreed to send 19 bilingual teachers, mobile classrooms and hundreds of computers to make the learning environment resemble one of his schools.


7US House of Representatives

Somali-American candidate: Wants to 'instill hope in people'

The past 10 weeks have been a whirl for Ilhan Omar, who suddenly went from being famous for becoming the country's first Somali-American state legislator to being a likely shoo-in for the first Somali-American congresswoman. "It's been a really interesting rush," Omar said in an interview with The Associated Press.



Alabama Supreme Court won't move lawsuit against Roy Moore

The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday refused to transfer a defamation lawsuit against former U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore by a woman who says Moore molested her decades ago. The court denied Moore's request to have the case heard in Etowah County instead of Montgomery.


9Healthcare Law

Mom, Dad, Son Sent to Prison for Tennessee Health Care Fraud

Three family members have been sentenced to prison in Tennessee for defrauding federal health care programs of millions of dollars by selling back braces and power wheelchairs to people who did not need them in three states. Sandra Bailey, her husband, Calvin, and son Bryan were convicted after a three-week trial in February in Jackson, Tennessee, of charges including health care fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy.


10George Bush

Senate Democrats threaten to sue for info on Supreme Court nominee

Democrats in the U.S. Senate said on Thursday they were prepared to sue the National Archives if it does not honor their request for information on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh leaves after a meeting with Senator Joe Donnelly at Donnelly's office on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., U.S., August 15, 2018.