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Dec 22, 2015

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US Politics

As state police warn of arrests, a defiant Rev. Pfleger m...

Sounds like it time to tax the ever-lovin' SH|T out of every Church, Temple, Synagogue, and Mosque in the Nation. The free hayride on the backs of the taxpayer is OVER.  (12 hrs ago | post #182)


Trump says it's 'inconceivable' that a lawyer would tape ...

What kind of "genius businessman DUMBA$$ doesn't know that in NY, Two-Party consent is NOT required to tape-record a private conversation? Uh-oh! Better spend some more of Daddy Trump's inheritance money to hire some lawyers, Tweety! BTW...who would actually pay $150,000 for a sexual affair?  (12 hrs ago | post #4)


Russian firm indicted in special counsel probe cites Kava...

America needs to announce Quarantine Protocols to protect the population from mental disease-carrying Trump Rats. Hey, no one wants their precious kids infected with Rubonic Plague.  (12 hrs ago | post #11)


Anyone Who Questions If NATO Serves American Interests

The ONLY time NATO has ever invoked Article 5 was when the EU invoked it, and sent THEIR soldiers to shed blood protecting America after 9/11. And only Donald Trump, inveterate TRAITOR, pathological LIAR, and lifetime Russky cock-holster would try to back-stab the families of those all those dead German, British, French, and Canadian soldiers who fought elbow-to-elbow with America's finest.  (12 hrs ago | post #18)


Rand Paul: 'Trump Derangement Syndrome has officially com...

Rand Paul, the guy who led the way as the original White Racist and Traitor in the GOP.  (12 hrs ago | post #25)

US Politics

Trump embraces longtime US foe Putin

TMI, bruh. Anal air injections? That's what you rubes do to get your rocks off? Is that before or after you folks chug-down the Oxy pills?  (Yesterday | post #223)

US Politics

The Hysterical Left

FACT: Sarah Sanders was tossed out of the restaurant because the OTHER CUSTOMERS wanted her gone. Not the Owner. Not the Staff. The CUSTOMERS objected to having their meal ruined by her presence. Being a respectful, fair-minded, balanced, non-partisan observer of the facts, the reality, and the TRUTH of this unfortunate clash between dime-a-dozen Trump Filth and the rest of polite society inside a public eating establishment, I might have mitigated and resolved this enigma differently. If it was me running the joint, I'd have politely asked the other clients to look away and let Big Sarah wolf down her 7 burritos in peace, and bought their cooperation by giving them all a free lunch coupon. Then, together, we all would have quietly choked-back our vomit and rage until Silly Sarah waddled out as quickly as her Secret Service handlers could encourage her to vamoose the enterprise. Everyone in America KNOWS that Sarah Sanders is a filthy LIAR, overpaid by OUR tax dollars to LIE whenever it becomes necessary for her to miserably fail at covering-up for the illegitimate, Soviet-elected FAKE criminal President temporarily degrading and infecting the premises at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That's Sarah Sanders. That's her one and only "talent. " TRUTH: Sane people DESPISE liars. No one should be surprised to find out that the American Public is going to be instantly repulsed the moment they discover a filthy LIAR is violating their airspace and dinner table.  (Yesterday | post #786)


No racism here is there righties?

No....I don't think any of the sexually-abused under-age male victims of Denny Hastert or Jim Jordan have grown fond of being molested. Let's just pray that none of them grow up and deal with their own decades of SUPPRESSED INNER RAGE and GUILT and POWERLESSNESS by becoming Child Rapists, themselves. I want to know who molested Denny Hastert and the Doctor of that Wrestling Team where Jordan was an assistant coach, when those two were children, and who started spreading and fomenting the mental disease and horrible behavior that creates Child Molesters. About 90% of Child-Molesters were molested themselves, as children. The victims of a Child Molester are "taught" that whomever has the size, weight, and authority advantage can use those advantages overpower and terrorize a smaller human being. And when some of those victims reach adulthood and gain any level of "authority " over other helpless kids....they vent their own rage and anger against a smaller, vulnerable victim, re-enacting the original crime that was committed against them, as children. It can be a repeating pattern that creates generations of small, helpless, powerless victims. Child Sexual Molestation is far more about demonstrating the ABUSE OF POWER and DOMINATING a helpless victim, than it is about sex. Once a kid becomes attacked and sexualized before they become adults that can defend themselves....all innocence is lost, and any hope of that victimized kid attaining a normal, healthy attitude and impulses towards REAL sexual intimacy, without a LOT of therapy and recovery treatment, is lost. Victims of Child Molesters are very likely to display self-destructive behavior, and that suppressed and internalized shame, guilt, and rage can exhibit itself in many different behaviors, throughout adulthood, if left untreated.  (Friday | post #13)

US Politics

Trump embraces longtime US foe Putin

Cool! I can't wait to get my mitts on a 2019 Yugo! I hear you can get one with an AM Radio, if you delete the squirrel-powered AC unit! And you can run a LADA or a YUGO on the same bullsh|t energy source that powers the Trump Cult. MAGA! God, are you listening? Please fast-forward America to the last Episode of Trump World, where all the Trump Loyalists put on identical Nike tennis shoes or Crocs, lay down in their bunk beds, and wait for Trumpus Christ to take them all away to New Jordan in the alien spaceship. What's that? You will? No sh|t? Thanks, Supreme Bro! You ARE the bestest Deity in the Multiverse!!  (Friday | post #219)


No racism here is there righties?

Who knows? They say after the first time it doesn't hurt them as much...and eventually, they start to like it.  (Friday | post #10)


Cohen Secretly Taped Trump Discussing Payment to Playboy ...

Did Trump know that he was married? If she's a "golddigger ", what name should we call Donald Trump? Q.: Why do male Conservatives ALWAYS blame the woman? Maybe that "golddigger " should have worn a burka, so Donald wouldn't have been tempted? As I have said every day for 2 years: Donald Trump is unfit as a husband, unfit as a father, unfit as a male role model for America's children, unfit as a human being, and couldn't get within a million miles of being fit to be America's President. #TAKEOUTTHETRUMPTR ASH  (Friday | post #14)


If you don't like the way the forum is run....

I made a ripple in the gene pool? No worries. I have some duct tape and a De Lorean, so I can even mend a rip in the Space-Time Continuum.  (Friday | post #46)


Think your blood is boiling

Sure, why not? Let's sh|t-stain and defile our precious White House with some murderous, poisoning, passenger plane-bombing Soviet Totalitarian KGB runt. Why stop with Pukin? Why not invite every corrupt, mass-murdering despot on the planet? Is Pol Pot still kicking? Hitler? Vlad the Impaler? We can throw an invitations-only Global Maggot Party, courtesy of the American Taxpayer. "Thank you Mr. Putin for undermining our Election! Can we have another?" .  (Thursday | post #7)

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