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Jeet Kune Do

Bruce Lee and San Inosanto started to work together. When they were doing some projects at the Statler Hilton they discussed the subject of swordsmanship. Bruce mentioned that he thought that the most interesting way of countering in fencing was the stop hit where you were parrying and countering in just 1 movement so that when your enemy, the person you are fighting with is trying to attack you, you intercept the movement and move with a thrust that you do yourself. Source: http://gowingchun. com/jeet-kune-do.h tml  (Jan 23, 2017 | post #1)


Bruce Lee: trip to Oakland

On his second trip to Oakland over Thanksgiving, Bruce and James’s time together was spent working on the book and training. Bruce told James that there were essentials that had to be understood before he could begin the journey to mastery, elements such as guarding the body’s centre line – an imaginary line running through the core of the head and torso – and the principle of the immovable elbow. Bruce confessed that what he knew of the more advanced forms of wing chun he had not learned from Yip Man, who kept his students on the basics for years, but from the information he’d managed to prise out of senior students like William Cheung, as well as through spying on advanced classes. ‘Anyway,’ he added, ‘the hardest part of learning is actually learning how to learn it. Once you can concentrate your mental energies, it’s a piece of cake.’ In return James initiated Bruce into techniques for breaking wooden boards with his bare hand – ‘One hundred miles an hour in, one hundred and ten miles an hour out!’ said James – despite the fact that Bruce had always claimed he was unimpressed by such things. Source: http://gowingchun. com/bruce-lee-trip -to-oakland.html  (Jan 13, 2017 | post #1)


What can we learn from Wing Chun?

Wing Chun has a lot of principles in it. One of them is to be self-centered, the other is the distance of fighting against the opponent, others are the accuracy, how well you do the tricks your energy and of course the relaxation. It is very significant to be accurate and to know how to you the energy that is inside of you. If the position of the hand is not very accurate the trick will definitely not be very accurate and in some situations it even can be very dangerous. The position is essential in Wing Chun. In some other Martial Arts it is not that significant if the position is a little bit higher or lower, it doesn’t matter, but in Wing Chun it is one of the most significant things. In Wing Chun every single person needs to be very accurate and they need to be correct. (It may be very interesting that when Ip Man had two children, had two sons he gave them the names of Ip Chun and Ip Ching. In Chinese “chun” has a meaning of accuracy and the word “ching” means correct.)An of course, for your Wing Chun Skill to be right, you need to know what amount energy you need to use and also know how exactly to use it. If you show too much energy it is possible that you will be beaten in the end and if you have too little energy, the ends is the same, In both cases you will be beaten and that is not what you want. Source: http://gowingchun. com/what-can-we-le arn-from-wing-chun .html  (Dec 25, 2016 | post #1)

Bruce Lee’s wedding with Linda Emery

After Ed Parker’s karate tournament Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto spent a lot of time together, sometimes just walking and talking or exploring old bookstores. Inosanto took over Taky Kimura’s role and helped Bruce give demonstrations in the San Francisco area. These shows followed a familiar format, including lightning-fast finger jabs, kicks, punches that stopped within a whisker of their target, Bruce testing his reflexes against a challenger, doing thumb push-ups or board-breaking. Dan spent four days taking falls and punches for Bruce in demonstrations at the Sing Lee Theatre in Los Angeles, then in the evenings, at the Statler Hilton, Bruce taught him some of his fighting method, what Inosanto called ‘a devastatingly improved version of wing chun’. Source: http://gowingchun. com/bruce-lees-wed ding-with-linda-em ery.html  (Dec 24, 2016 | post #1)


Bruce Lee and Boxing Championships in 1958

At St Francis Xavier some of Bruce’s restless energy was channelled by a teacher called Brother Edward, who encouraged Bruce to enter the 1958 Boxing Championships, which were held between twelve Hong Kong schools. Brother Edward, an ex-boxer himself, says of Bruce, ‘He was tough but he wasn’t a bully as some people think.’ Bruce used to train for the approaching contest every weekend with William Cheung, and by sheer force and determination he blasted his way through the preliminaries, leaving three opponents knocked out in the first round. In the final he faced an English boy, Gary Elms from rival school, King George V who had held the title for the past three years. In the ring, Elms had a classical boxing style. Bruce got into trouble almost immediately, and under some pressure in the corner he began swinging wildly. Despite the fact that boxing gloves are not the best aid to the trapping skills of wing chun, Bruce began to use some of the blocks he’d learned and countered with the continuous punching and two-level hitting he’d been working on. He was pleased enough with his third round knockout win to note it in the fight diary he kept. Source: http://gowingchun. com/bruce-lee-and- boxing-championshi ps-in-1958.html  (Dec 17, 2016 | post #1)


Bruce Lee after Edison Tech

As Bruce’s time at Edison was coming to an end, he reckoned that a car of his own would make a perfect graduation present to himself. During the last weeks of term, LeRoy Garcia gave Bruce driving lessons and was astonished that Bruce, who was so skilled and coordinated in kung fu, was the complete opposite when it came to driving. Even so, he passed his driving test and on 2 December 1960 he graduated from Edison Tech with the certified high school diploma that would gain him entry to the University of Washington the following March. He celebrated by spending $100 on a beaten-up white Chevrolet Corvair. Source: http://gowingchun. com/bruce-lee-afte r-edison-tech.html  (Dec 11, 2016 | post #1)


Religions and Traditions

A huge amount of human beings, who are curious to start and practice the Martial Art and especially Wing Chun are probably wondering: Is Wing Chun somehow connected to one kind of religion? Actually, a lot of trainees, who are practicing Wing Chun, look at their training as one kind of religious work or ethic, spiritual and moral pursuit. There is and always has been that undeniable question whether there in fact is some kind of connection and similarity between all sorts of Chinese Military Art (Wing Chun in the first place), and religion or at least between Wing Chun and the spiritual aspect of person’s life. It is noted that the main and the key idea why “Wing Chun habit” developed through some direct moves or chain of tete-a-tete movements is that there is one function of Wing Chun that is in fact a kind of holy religion for all those people, who are practicing it. It has been shown in many places how Wing Chun has affected the religious and spiritual lives of their practitioners on more than a rhetorical level. Source: http://gowingchun. com/category/relig ions-and-tradition s  (Dec 9, 2016 | post #1)

Self Defense

Self defense for women

There are many threatening situations in which women can find themselves. It could happen suddenly, even in your own home. What can you do to defend yourself? People always think of women as being weaker than men, but if a woman knows some self-defense, she can develop confidence and improve her personal safety. Wing Chun skill teaches you how to use the least amount of energy to defend yourself and how to keep a good position in which you can attack an enemy’s weaker areas or acupuncture points. Everyone, no matter how strong, has weak areas that are easy to strike. Attacking these points can make a person lose power and even collapse. Source: http://gowingchun. com/self-defense-f or-women.html  (Dec 6, 2016 | post #1)

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Bruce Lee practising Wing Chun in San Francisco

When Bruce Lee was in San Francisco he decided to practice Wing Chun. So he went to the hall to fulfill his dream. The main teaching hall was large, about 35 feet by 100 feet. Classical Chinese weapons butterfly knives, staffs and swords lined the walls, along with images of venerated masters from the past. At the far end of the hall incense burned on an altar. At the end of the class Bruce remarked as diplomatically as he could that his wing chun training had been more intense, causing sifu Mark to respond, ‘Not many people understand this rare system. The power in the techniques is hidden.’ /p> Source: http://gowingchun. com/bruce-lee-prac tising-wing-chun-i ml  (Dec 2, 2016 | post #1)