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#1 Friday Jun 8
Well the fight between the NFL and Trump is back in the news for a while. As a vet it certainly annoys me to see these pampered NFL players acting like they live in a country which has treated them unfairly, but what bothers me even more is that these NFL players are symbols of tens of millions of other people who believe that the United States is a country which turns the other cheek while blacks are killed and/or beaten by cops or vicious white racists etc. To you lefties out there, do you think that I am accurately describing the point of view of these NFL players and other leftists white black or brown who support them? Do you agree that these protests are over police misconduct or white males or those perceived as white males killing unarmed blacks like George Zimmerman?

If you believe that blacks and other minorities are persecuted unfairly and that our country the U.S is a white supremacist country which doesn't care about non whites, I am going to give you facts in this post which should be common sense to you, but chances are are not because our controlled media which misses no opportunity to incite non whites against whites as a means of destroying this majority white country and every other white country.

First indeed there is a major problem of violence and murder of young black males in the United States, however most of these killings in fact at least 90 percent you will never hear about on the news unless perhaps you live in the local area where these crimes take place. That is because these 90 percent at least of the killings and other crimes against young black males are committed by other black males. They are killing each other for disrespect. Or to even the score etc. These are not just numbers people. Think about this mass murder or young blacks and then think about how our media does not care about any of them unless it is a rare case of a cop or white male killing the young black. And yes folks compared to black on black or black on white, white on black violence is very, very rare. I served in Afghanistan and a young black kid walking down the street in certain Chicago neighborhoods and other black areas are probably in more danger then I was when I guarded the perimeter of Bagram air field. But at least I wore a flack vest and carried an M16.

If Colin Kaepernick wants to address the issue of violence against young black males he should speak against the destruction of the black family and the absence of black men in black homes from mass welfare dependency, thug culture promoted by the Jewish controlled media etc. There was a time when black violence and black incarceration and black illegitimacy wasn't nearly like it is today. You know back in the bad old days when blacks had their neighborhoods and schools separate from whites. Oh the horror!

Black on black violence is only a part of the reality that our controlled media hides from the American public. Interracial violence is also a serious problem. However the vast majority of interracial violence involving a white and non white person includes a white victim and non white perp. Did you know that 25,000 white women are raped every year by black men? Did you know that less then 10 black women were raped every year by white men? Did you know that blacks are 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a white then whites are to commit a violent crime against a white? I'm not talking about arrogant rich white men like Donald Trump. I'm talking about kids being jumped at school by packs of blacks. I'm talking about white senior citizens being mugged and beaten in the streets. I could spend all day giving examples of black on white killings that we never hear about, because our controlled media ignores them. Look up the study by the New Century Foundation "Color Of Crime" to see all the facts for yourself.

Colin Kaepernick and others like him are the products of decades of media brainwashing. Wake up America! Wake up Europe!
Jar Head

Indianapolis, IN

#2 Sunday Jun 10
I AGREE. A well written post.

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#3 Sunday Jun 10
Jar Head wrote:
I AGREE. A well written post.
Thank you for not being a politically correct feminist butt kissing beta male. Your a credit to the marines.

Roanoke, TX

#4 Friday
soyer, controlled media? Lick my ass you racist fucktard.

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#5 Yesterday
witchiepoo wrote:
soyer, controlled media? Lick my ass you racist fucktard.
How am I a racist? Because I dare to speak of crime against whites? The worst part about you is that you have the right to vote if you're over 18. This is why democracy is failing today. For one because the quality of the electorate has gone down the toilet gradually since the founding of our country and second because the people have very limited access to information about the world around them. Here is a subject that is completely off the subject of the Negro Felons League, sorry I mean the National Football League, but I'm using it as an example of how the media brainwashes the public, and how the public eats it up.

Do you believe that Iran is making nuclear weapons my lemming? I ask because many Americans and yes on this subject I'm talking mainly about right wingers or conservatives, believe that Iran is making nukes and they believe that the biggest or one of the biggest threats to America is indeed Iran. I know because I have studied the issue in depth and I seek information that is not controlled and filtered by Jews and therefore Israel who is determined to sick their big buddy the U.S on Iran like they did to Iraq, that Iran is not making nukes. This whole Idea Iran making nukes and threatening Israel and or America is a big lie that is manufactured by the media.

Why does the media tell us these lies? Because the media is controlled overwhelmingly by Jews. Why is that important? Because Jews have a strong loyalty to Israel. Why does that matter? Because Iran refuses to recognize Israel as a legitimate state and they support the Palestinians who have been ethnically cleansed from their own homes and country with terrorism, for the past 70 years by Israeli terrorists. Therefore Israel wants to take the Iranian regime out of power and install a new puppet government in Iran that will do what the U.S and Israel says.

You may think that this has nothing to do with you, but it may be your children or your nieces and nephews or your neighbor kids down the street someday fighting and dying in Iran so that the children of the "chosen ones" (Jews) don't have to.

Oh look at what an awful racist I am! I am defending Muslims in Iran! If we go to war with Iran it will be because we push them into a corner and make them fight. This is not what everyday Americans are doing. It is what our treasonous leaders do on the orders of Israel and the global Jewish power structure. I am veteran of the "War On Terror" it's not easy for me to say these things but we can't all be lemmings who go along with the crowd or we will all be marched off a cliff.

I don't know who you are but I'll guess that your black. If you are it is your boyfriends job to lick your aids infected ass. Go to a black country, any black country on earth and let me know if you are better off then you were when you were in America or any other white country.

If your white then your a brainwashed lemming and you need to wake up.

United States

#6 Yesterday
Trump hit the nail on the head when he said the NFL kneeling players are all talk, talk, talk.

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