Key facts regarding islam

Key facts regarding islam

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#1 May 25, 2017
Key facts regarding islam -

- The word - Islam, means submission.
- Islam and sharia law are a single religious, social, legal, and political system.
- All muslims have to obey the quran, and follow what muhammad said and did.
- Islam is based on quran, muhammad's life, muhammad's actions and muhammad's commands. Therefore, islam is not just quran.
- Islam = Quran + Muhammad's life + Muhammad's actions + Muhammad's commands.
- Muhammad's example contains precedent for every unsavory aspect in islam. All violence and every terrorist act by muslims is hence justified in islam, even if it is not explicitly mentioned in quran, because muhammad at some point, either did it himself, or ordered it to be done.
- Hadiths are the source for muhammad's words, orders, actions, and habits.
- Under islamic law, terrorism killing of non-muslims by muslims, is not a crime.
- Under islamic law, raping non-muslim women is not a crime.
- Under islamic law, lying to, and deceiving non-muslims, is encouraged. At times, it is mandatory.
- Radical islam and moderate islam is the same islam applied with different levels of strictness.
- Radical islam is islam applied stringently and thoroughly, in its entirety. Moderate islam is the same islam applied partially, in a less rigorous fashion.
- The most monumental and concealed fact about quran - Abrogation in quran - Because of this, the later verses in quran, demanding violence against non-muslims, cancel out the earlier verses regarding tolerance. Thus, the oft-quoted 'tolerant islam' narrative is false, deceptive and misleading.
- In islam, the world is divided into 2 parts. 1] Dar al-Islam - House of Islam 2] Dar al-harb - House of war. Dar al-harb is the world of non-muslims and the region of perpetual warfare. Muslims are required to wage war against this world, until it comes under the house of islam, or is destroyed.
- Medina was a jewish city. Muhammad arrived in medina as a muslim refugee. Within a few years, he executed, enslaved and drove out the jews therein, and took over medina, transforming it into an islamic city.
- Crusades were self-defense by christians, which were a response to 400 years of wanton, unprovoked, murderous assaults and land usurpation by muslims.
- Under islamic law, the penalty for apostasy is death.
- Islamism is islamic revival movement, which is working toward implementing the islamic way of life, throughout the world. Islamism seeks to impose the muslim way of life upon all societies. Millions of muslims globally, are acting in its furtherance.
- Muslim terrorists are terrorists for non-muslims, but under islamic law, they are fighters for islam - Jihadis. Jihad is a fundamental obligation of muslims.
- One of the 5 pillars of islam is - Zakat. It is similar to a religious tax on muslims. Zakat money is used for 8 causes. The 7th cause out of these 8 is - Jihad fi sabilillah - Jihad for the sake of allah. Which means, a portion of zakat money is given to muslim terrorists.
The Bible Student

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#2 Sep 12, 2017
The true Muslim is not given free will to choose his life course, as the true Christian is.

If the Muslim is sanctioned by obedience to the prophet, then he must obey the prophet and not Allah, therefore you will have sects in Islam.

Islam will never conquer the religions on this earth, because Satan is the god of religion, and behind all these false religions, and Satan will be conquered by King Jesus at Armageddon, the war between Almighty God Jehovah, and Satan the Devil, and Satan's ungodly world.
The Bible teaches, Jehovah God wins that war, so who's side are you on today?
Revelation chpt. 19

London, KY

#3 Sep 12, 2017
Cal- " all Muslim violence is justified in Islam... " Does this mean all Christian violence is justified in the Bible?
The Bible Student

Bartlesville, OK

#4 Sep 12, 2017
Correct wrote:
Cal- " all Muslim violence is justified in Islam... " Does this mean all Christian violence is justified in the Bible?
Why don't you as that question to Bibleman.....

Tempe, AZ

#5 Mar 25, 2018
Correct wrote:
Cal- " all Muslim violence is justified in Islam... " Does this mean all Christian violence is justified in the Bible?
No violence is taught in the New Testament.
Your hypothesis doesn't connect.

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