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#52 Jun 29, 2015
purplelady1040 wrote:
Hiya BB and friends!!! What you catching?
Mainly catfish, hybread bluegill, and crappie...

I have a fish fry next Saturday for 80


Since: Jun 12

Cumquat Farms

#53 Jul 1, 2015
meaBADmod wrote:
<quoted text>
Mainly catfish, hybread bluegill, and crappie...
I have a fish fry next Saturday for 80
What time shall we be there? LOL!!! My son caught 30 sea bass deep sea fishing but had to put them back. They were over the legal limit!

Since: Feb 11

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#59 Jul 10, 2015
Now, let's elaborate on a few things shall we?

You post on my forum starting shit after I specifically told you I didn't want that there, then you give me an ultimatum that if your posts are removed, you know, the ones you made against my wishes, you no longer consider us friends? I just want to make sure I sorted the bullshit properly. Now that we have that out of the way, I told you earlier and I told you again, you are way off base. Nobody accused you of posting about any illnesses. You call the person you said told you this and ask them again because I spoke with them and apparently your phone changes conversations before they go in your ear. Now, next lets talk about that fake BB shall we? You claim people are morons or dumbasses because they cannot tell the difference? Well I couldn't tell the difference, so I must be a dumbass and a moron. Maybe you would like to call me a stupid bitch now too? Some of us do not pay close enough attention to see the little things you seem to think are so obvious. You know how to stop people from imitating you don't you? Use your goddamned registered account. Oh and one more thing. Tell your mind reader friend to go fuck themselves. You know, the one who never talked to any of the parties involved but seems to know what we are all thinking and talking about? I am thinking of a number between 107 and 5733 right now. Ask the dumbass mind reader what number I am thinking of. Actually, please leave out the dumbass part. I was hoping they could give me the Mega Millions numbers for tonight and if I insult them they may not cooperate. Before the little gossip monger feed you bullshit on who removed your posts, it was me. I told you not on my forum but your need to have the last word apparently overruled your friendship with me.

Quincy, OH

#60 Jul 11, 2015
Drinkie the Clown wrote:
Now, let's elaborate on a few things shall we?
Why not...


Replying to this to show how more the 60% of your post is wrong would require posting a conversation to show how you've been manipulated

That would be as wrong as posting your texts....

However, I will state this, what was shown to me contained way more than one reference to things only you and I spoke of in text, and on the phone.

That isn't accusing you, but considering the "gossip's" being all butthurt and stuff, I think you can figure out where it came from and how its being passed around.

In other words, your private conversation was shared either directly, or passed on indirectly to the individual who's only part in this was to show a friend how my so called friends were "gossiping" about me behind my back.

I will not show what was shared, or by whom just to make you look completely foolish here.

Your anger, and your basis of arguement is surrounded by only half the story by two who cannot be completely honest with you, they would then have to admit they were wrong...

We can't have that, now can we?

But, I will get rid of over 30% of the above post with one simple statement:

I didn't decide to post on your page until 5 minutes prior to posting, and because you wouldn't answer or talk, there wasn't any discussion between you and I about said post being made... NOR where I was going to post it.

Nice try, swing and a miss...

As for calling two women dumbasses for not seeing a fake as a fake, that's simple.

After hearing them bitch about it for the third time, it wasn't their being confused that got them the "dumbass" remark, it was their nagging bullshit telling me how to post...

I'll post how I want, not one of you is going to dicitate shit to me...

Next time ask...

I might actually listen.

I've also been told by a few others that they can see the difference between the fake and me by one simple way:

They know I wouldn't say that to my friends...

Its too bad my friends think I would....

Or that they won't even take the few seconds of time to ask me...

Now isn't it?

Ill leave your post in place here, the rest of your anger filled rants copying "only" my reply to ICNOs post were removed.

She read it, you read it, and Kitty read it. No need to keep it, it made its point...

The part about my posts being deleted by you, again is just your ego looking for a boo boo bandaid.

I put it on your page for another simple reason:

Your mod has let her presumed powers overload her ass....

Going around daring someone to confront them where she can delete and set back and feel all special and stuff is about as ignorant as it comes.

Especially for someone who's claimed to be so smart.

Maybe you need to set guidelines for your mod?

She seems to need a primer of how too's...

Maybe write one of those how to for dummies things?

Before she gets others to take up her offer and posts where she feels all comfie and stuff....

“Peace & Noodles & Manga”

Since: Jun 15

The Answer is 42

#61 Aug 13, 2015
I think I am not here.

I am trying to get drunk. Peace Love and Tranquility, happiness to you all.

Let us all get all get along here. There is enough hate and violence and apathy to choke a dinosaur.

“Want A Friend, Be One..”

Since: Mar 12

I love" Tweety Bird "

#62 Dec 18, 2017
amen Buttercup..I agree...(hugs) to everyone that needs one..

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