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pvndks squirrell

Seattle, WA

#1 Nov 23, 2011
you know why I have not been back to the varrio because I know the feds are watching me and I don't want to get any off my homies caught up in shit.

They still watch me from what I did as kid. Even though I am completly legit know. I still got to watch the law.

thats why I lay low and blend in as a regular person. your better off not to draw attention to yourself.

Believe me I remember where I came from I am and aways will be from Peaceful Varrio Norwalk dukes gang Surenos13 South east Los Angeles. The gang is still my family and always will be.

remeber this when you did not have a place to stay who let you live with them your varrio did when you did not have anything to eat who fed you some one from your varrio did.
When you went to jail who put money on your books some one from your varrio did.

no matter where you live remeber where you came from
pvndks squirrell

Seattle, WA

#2 Nov 23, 2011
during my time here in tacoma I think about my homies I wanted them to know what I have done.

I learned how to buy realestate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds,I learned about 401k and IRA both roth and traditional. I learned how credit works I built my credit rating up my credit score real numbers experian 774 equifax 791, transunion 849 I get it sent quarterly from my bank with identity theft protection. I learned how to lease and buy a new a car.
dow 30 stocks

Puyallup, WA

#59 Jan 18, 2012
8 stocks under 30.00 per share

1)Bank of america 6.80 per share dividen .04 per share
2) Alcoa 10.02 share 12 cents dividen yield
3) Cisco 19.54 share 24 cents dividen
4 GE 19.02 share 68 cents dividen
5 pfiser 21.97 share 88 cent dividen
6 HP 27.00 share 48 cents dividen
7 intel 25.39 share 84 cent dividen
8 microsoft 28.23 share dividen 80 cents per share.
pvndks squirell

Puyallup, WA

#60 Jan 18, 2012
final finacial s for 2011

my store dis 1,453,000.00 in revenue and profited 187,000.00
pvndks squirell

Puyallup, WA

#61 Jan 19, 2012
the company burned me alive

look at all the money i made you

and you cut my pay for 2 years

I am going to kill you one day

for what you greedy bastereds did to me and all your employees

i hate you
pvndks squirell

Puyallup, WA

#62 Jan 19, 2012
after they burn everyone for 2 years than think you can make it all better by bringing back the commisions and giving us an unlimited bonus. do you realize what kind of a hole you put people in take a 20 thousand dollar pay cut for 2 years.

scott sider and ken seavey did you take a pay cut?

like you did to all your employees?

you have fouled your company for 2 years it take 4 years to get back to where it was before
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#63 Jan 19, 2012
what I know is that the whole sysytem is fouled.

the housing market


banks and businesses that went under

corporations taking advantage and screwing the people that still have jobs.

hey obama what up with the 700 million dollar stimulus package

why is unemployment still at 8.5%

why does the federal government own the largest insurance company / bank AIG

they screwed us all
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#65 Jan 21, 2012
they think everything all good because they gave me 2 thousand dollar raise on my salary and they gave back commision and changed the bonus plan.

I still have to dig out of having no employees and having my pay cut 20k for 2 years

I don't like you
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#66 Jan 25, 2012
Roy the VP came in and said let not think about last year we cant change it.

We have a new bonus plan. We have an oppertunity to make some real money. The bonus is unlimited he said how much money do you want to make? I said 20,000.00 for summer bonus he what do you have to do to do that.

well last years numbers are 600,000.00 in revenue and profited 160,000.00

in order to get maximum pay out you have to grow your profit by 50% over last year that 240,000.00 then you get 6% of that profit. that will get you 14,400.00

next revenue growth goal is 15% so you get paid 1.5% for the first 15% of growthy and then 4% for the next 100,000.00 after that you get paid 1%

so 200,000.00 in revenue growth
90,000.00 times 1.5 % is 1350.00
100,000.00 times 4% is 4,000.00
10,000.00 times 1% is 100.00
total for revenue 5,450.00

SRPD modifier -20 % or +20%

You have a NPS modifier -20% or + 20%

award 14400.00+5450.00 = 19850.00

if you get both modifiers your bonus is 28,890.00

SRPD is inside sales up 15% to max it example if your SRPD is 5.00 15% improvement is to 5.75

NPS is net promoter score survays that customer write 75 gets you 20% more on your bonus.
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#67 Jan 25, 2012
compan pays you up to 6% of profit up to 300,000.00 in profit after that its 1% of profit

6% of 300,000.00 is 18,000.00

DT seattle is going to come up big based on last yeasr numbers

did 1 million in profit last year.

if he did 1.5 million he would get 18,000.00 for the first 300,000.00

and 1% of 1.2 million thats 12,000.00

bonus is 30,000.00
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#68 Jan 25, 2012
What I don't understand is why the executives gave us such bad bonus plans for 2 years.

It wont matter if people start making money. It will cure all the problems.

as fast as they left they will be back once the money starts to flow.

With this bonus plan we will erupt finacially in November that is when you will get paid for summer quarter
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#69 Jan 25, 2012
I should make 65 to 75 thousand this year.

Salary 40,000.00 2 grand raise from last year

bonus plan is unlimited I should make 25 to 35 thousand in bonus this year.
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#70 Jan 25, 2012
its time to do your federal tax returns. time to get your tax refund.
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#71 Jan 25, 2012
saving for retirement.

1) 6% salary plus 3% company match on 40,000.00 is 3600.00 per year.divided evenly into 10 mutual funds

2) 2% of 40,000.00 in companmy stock ( Hertz Global) 800.00 per year

3) 500.00 per quarterly bonus in stock market 2000.00 per year
a)Bank of america 500.00
b)general Electric 500.00
c)Intel 500.00
D)Verizon 500.00

Us Savings bonds 25.00 per pay check 26 paychecks per year 650.00 per year

lets add it all up.

401k 3600.00 + 800.00 company stock + 2000.00 in dow stocks +650.00 = 7050.00 per year in investments
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#72 Jan 25, 2012
hey I know my stores are open 7 days a week

but I only work 5 days 50 hours a week.

4 days open to close 11 hour days 44 hours and 1 6 hour day on sunday.

Wednesdays and Saturdays I have off

Don't expect me to answer the phone or return your call on my days off
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#73 Jan 25, 2012
I am glad to hear the feds are keeping rates low
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#74 Jan 25, 2012
3 things get effected when my salary was raised

1) bi weekly pay 72.00 more per pay check

2) my life insurance went from 228k to 240k

3) the amount of money that goes into 401k went from 3420.00 per year to 3600.00 per year
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#75 Jan 31, 2012
I can't go anywhere with out the police watching every thing I do.

I go to lazer tag in federal way there 3 sheriffs waiting outside the door.

I went to julians next to the Marriott hotel for lunch and theres 20 seattle police officer and two detective that just sit down right next to me.

What up ?
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#76 Jan 31, 2012
dude the whole system is punked all ready. no body can sell there house for more than what they paid for it.

The corporate america has scammed all its employees for 2 years

the government has screwed all of with ther 800 billion bail out of wallstreet and the banks plus the 700 bilion in stimulus money that has stimulated me as much as naked 80 year old woman would.

Tell the government to pop out there dentures and suck my cock

:-)smile .-) wink and up yours

I have lost respect for the whole system because its disfuntional backwards and lame = retards
pvndks squirrell

Puyallup, WA

#77 Jan 31, 2012
the whole system thought they was a cop.

What you wanted to be a hot little mama that worked every day

you wanted to wear a blond wig high heel pumps while your doing the dishes and granting the wishes.

you wanted to be a daughter a princess ridding a jock

well if that what you wanted to be more power to you

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